Upper Respiratory Infection Contagious

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We have not met anyone that seeks to infect others with their illness and we commonly get asked, “Is an upper respiratory infection contagious?”. The truth is that yes, an upper respiratory infection is contagious, and usually more so contagious than the common cold, strep throat, and even influenza. Studies from Harvard Health have revealed that bronchitis, and other infections such as RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus), are typically 100% contagious if you are exposed to the illness. Having a previous infection of the same type can lower your risk, somewhat, however upper respiratory infections are known to be extremely contagious.

If you are unsure if your have an upper respiratory infection or some other illness such as the common cold, or a sinus infection, you should see an online doctor to get to the bottom of what is ailing you. Start your treatment by filling out the online patient interview. After submitting your answers, you’ll receive a list of treatment options, including ways to see a doctor online using Smart Doc MD.

People with a URI should limit their contact with others. That means, stay home from work, the grocery store, and if possible, even the pharmacy where you receive your treatment for upper respiratory infection. These days you can have groceries and medicines delivered right to your door in a quick turnaround. We can provide you with a doctor’s excuse for work or school.

Smart Doc MD’s online doctors treat common non-emergency illnesses using telemedicine and virtual doctor visits. We are very affordable and easy to use. Get started today. As of this time, residents in California can receive treatment using our services. Our practitioners can prescribe medicine with a valid DEA license. They are United States Board Certified Physicians that have passed all portions of the licensing exams.

Usually with an upper respiratory infection you will not be prescribed antibiotics as these medicines will not combat a virus that causes the infection you have. Other natural remedies that you can use at home will alleviate your symptoms. At Smart Doc MD we do not prescribe antibiotics when they are not needed. Inappropriate use of antibiotics has caused super bacteria to rise that are resistant to any antibiotic leading to a public health crisis.

Find out more information about upper respiration infections and the symptoms of upper respiratory infections. See what natural remedies for upper respiratory infection you can use to fight the symptoms you are experiencing.

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