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  • Up to 50% of traditional medical care does not follow clinical guidelines
  • The CDC found 20-50% of prescriptions are unnecessary

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    Our SmartDocAI will guide you through an online patient interview (OPI) where you will tell us what is wrong and provide a medical history

  • Health Information & Triage
    Personalized to your problem and FREE

    Individual health screening and triage based on your OPI.

    SmartDocAI will offer guidelines specific to your problem, suggestions for finding treatment, and alert you to more serious conditions, all for FREE

  • SmartDocMD Partners on Demand
    Get the help you need

    Want to do something with the info? Our U.S. board certified partner doctors are available to take your info and create a personalized care plan right now, including prescriptions as necessary

  • Care for Others
    Your care will help someone in need

    We partner and donate to health care organizations helping communities in need. Want to contribute directly? See a list of our partners here.

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Personalized Care Plan That May Include:

  • Prescriptions
  • Medication recommendations
  • Lifestyle and diet changes
  • Expected recovery
  • Prevention
  • Excuse from work/school letter

Flexible Health Care on Your Terms

  • No scheduling or appointment needed. We connect you to our partners who will figure out your problem and provide a solution.
  • SmartDocAI will let you know if virtual or in-person is best.

and Partners

  • We’ll send you in the right direction to find and answer.
  • If you have allergies and want to get tested, check out Wyndly.

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