Our Purpose

Don’t know your problem? Take your best guess and our SmartDocAI will guide you.

SmartDocMD started as an idea between one patient and one doctor: offer access to convenient, quality health care for basic problems without the waiting room.

Why do we have to spend several hours traveling to the doctor and sitting in the waiting room for simple illnesses such as a sinus infection, cold, cough or pink-eye? Doctor’s offices, urgent care centers, and walk-in clinics were built before the age of the internet. Traditional in-person medical care is necessary for complex diseases, however, there are many basic health problems that can be more effectively treated online.

Today, online medical care has successfully replicated the patient-doctor experience.  Unfortunately, in many circumstances it has become just that: duplication.  The “online” waiting rooms, video-chats, and conversations still require a single uninterrupted chunk of your day.  Instead of paper charts, there are electronic ones, and everyone is bound by the idea of a time-consuming, synchronous video visit.

We need to change the way technology works to benefit the patient-doctor experience.

We want to break it down and build it up again to work for us.  SmartDocMD was created to bring about this transformation.

We took an innovative look at the health care experience for basic medical problems, and resolved to help patients get better and not just follow traditional methods.

By developing proprietary software tools and harnessing the power of online networks, we intend to make medical care faster, more accurate, and less time intensive for everyone.  This is urgent care…smarter.

And while we’re at it, why shouldn’t everyone be able to connect with a doctor?

We want to be part of the solution because we believe business should be a force for positive social impact.  Our innovative methods help solve the issue of accessibility.  Our goal is to bring medical care to all communities by partnering with free health clinics and other non-profits.  For every patient triaged on our platform, we will make a donation to a free clinic or charitable healthcare organization.

In the end, our goal is simple: provide quality, convenient health care to those who need it, when they need it.

So, join us today.  Help us enact change.

Skip the waiting room.  Start your care now.

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