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What is a Sinus Sensitivity?


what is a sinus sensitivity
Sinus Sensitivity is a type of nonallergic sinusitis that occurs when a patient experiences symptom(s) of sinusitis after being exposed to environmental triggers that are known to cause some people to experience symptoms while others are unaffected. Tobacco smoke, pollen, dust, aerosol sprays, and even animal dander can cause a person with a sensitive sinus to experience sinus infection symptoms. Sometimes even changes in temperature, especially humidity, can also cause sinus sensitivity related symptoms.

Nonallergic Sinusitis & Sinus Sensitivity

These strong odors can cause the lining in your sinus cavities to swell, thus causing the symptoms that you are experiencing after being exposed. Patients can experience a runny or stuffy nose, clear or slightly colored mucus that comes out of the nose, a postnasal drip in the throat, a sinus headache, facial pain with pressure, a decline in the sense of smell, and a fever. If you are unsure of what is a post nasal drip, please read more about it within the information we provided by following the link.

When you experience symptoms from a sensitive sinus being exposed to these environmental changes, you can try oral decongestants, nasal sprays that are filled with saline and/or antihistamines, humidifiers in the spaces that you inhabit, increase your water intake for a few days, blow your nose regularly, and avoid the triggers that cause your sinuses to react.

Our helpful online doctors are ready to assist you with all of the questions you might have regarding the sinus infection symptoms that you are experiencing. We can help you determine the next best course of action and treatment if you have been exposed to irritants in your environment that is causing your sensitive sinus to react with these annoying symptoms.

Many times a sinus infection can be treated with over the counter medicines effectively, however if your sinus problems are caused by irritants that you continue to be exposed to, you may need some advice on how to change your own habits and lifestyle to avoid these irritants. For instance, if you work in an environment that is very dusty, it would be smart to wear a face mask when working. Face masks can be particularly effective in keeping you from breathing in the environmental irritants that are causing your sinus infection symptoms and sinus pain.

Click to be taken over to the sinus infection online patient interview where you can tell our online doctors about your symptoms and medical questions. You can begin by clicking on Sinus Infection underneath the Start your Care button or you can follow the link we’ve provided here – Sinus Infection Help

After you fill out your OPI, you can choose to be connected with an online doctor visit to one of our United States board certified medical doctors equipped to provide answers to your sinus related questions.

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