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Get Treated for UTI Online

get treated for uti online
Skip the waiting room, and get treated for UTI online with SmartDocMD.

Do you have a burning feeling when you urinate? Is it a frequent and intense sensation and yet you only urinate a small amount? If your urine is strange smelling, you have pain or pressure in your back or lower abdomen and you’re tired or shaky you might have a UTI. UTI’s are especially common in women, due to their shorter urethras. This means bacteria can easily make their way to the bladder. SmartDocMD has introduced a way to get treated for UTI online. Create your free online account with SmartDocMD and see the convenience virtual medicine offers.

When you think you have a UTI, you should immediately seek medical care. Bacteria has infected a very vulnerable aspect of your body’s ecosystem and you’ll be susceptible to worse symptoms and infections without treatment. Drink lots of fluids and keep yourself hydrated. If you’re prescribed medication to treat the pain or infection, be sure to take it regularly. There is some speculation on whether cranberry juice has been able to help alleviate urinary tract infections but be sure to ask your SmartDocMD. If you’d like to find out how to find a SmartDocMD, you can start here! Get treated for UTI online with SmartDocMD. Start your care today.

It’s a very simple procedure that we have pioneered here at SmartDocMD. First, you start with an online interview, where we determine your medical history and a quick physical. We need to know anything that will prohibit certain treatments, to better assist you moving forward. Next, you’ll get a free health screening and review your health information and what medical guidelines say. If you want to continue your treatment, you’ll begin a personalized care plan and receive recommendations with confidence, including prevention, lifestyle changes, and medications.

If you require a UTI excuse for work, you’ll receive one from our SmartDocMDs and get the best treatment possible all from the comfort of your home. The best thing about SmartDocMD is that we’re worried about how the customer feels, and make sure to put medicine and convenience first. Skip the waiting room, and get treated for UTI online with SmartDocMD.

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