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Chronic Bad Breath? It Could be a Sinus Infection


If you have a chronic bad breath and are trying to figure out the root cause of your issue, you might consider whether or not you have a sinus infection, cold, or have been exposed to some sort of allergen causing an overproduction of mucus in your sinuses. Bad breath isn’t always caused by not brushing your teeth, many times it is caused by mucus.

One of the leading causes of chronic bad breath is nasal drainage that drips down from your nasal passage into the back of your throat. These secretions contain bacteria that may give off bad odors, thus giving you chronic bad breath. When you have a sinus infection, or a cold, you likely will have unpleasant breath from these secretions.

If you notice a post nasal drip, or think that you may have a sinus infection you should be seen by a doctor to determine the cause. If you have chronic bad breath, you might think about nasal drainage being the culprit behind the stink. Click to see an online doctor about your chronic bad breath caused by a sinus infection or the common cold virus-related symptoms.

If you have other symptoms of a sinus infection or have had several sinus infections over the course of a year, you might need to consider what is causing the sinus infection. Extreme obstructive nasal polyps could be blocking your sinus passages. You could be exposed to viruses on a routine basis at your job.  It could be that you have some mild allergies that are causing your body to secrete excess mucus and causing related sinus infection symptoms. Finding the root cause of your repeat sinus infections is an important part of the journey to better health.

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If you’ve recently noticed a crackling sound in sinuses, or a popping noise in nose, you may have a sinus infection. Sinus infections occur when mucus cannot properly drain from the sinus cavities. Essentially, an overproduction of mucus can lead to these areas being filled, and anytime you have fluids hanging out in a small, dark and damp space you’ll see bacteria growth. Bacteria is not the only thing that can thrive in your sinus cavities. Viruses and fungi can also arise and cause further issues. The bacteria itself, that is resting inside of the mucus that is trapped in your sinuses, smells pretty bad. Anytime you breathe through your nose air passes through and over the smelly bacteria, when you exhale out of your mouth, the breathe passes over the mucus that is resting and draining in your throat, thus causing another reason for bad breath due to sinus infections or the common cold.

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