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Humidifiers – When to Use? When to Clean?


Humidifiers can be an effective helpful addition to your environment and spaces if you have dry airways or are experiencing sinus related issues. There are many types of humidifiers, warm air, cold air, some are expensive, some are pretty cheap and can be purchased for around $20 from a drug store, however there are a few things you should keep in mind when using a humidifier.

Humidifiers fill the air with moisture and prevent the air from drying out. Issues such as dry skin, dry cough, nasal dryness, and thick phlegm in the back of your throat can sometimes be alleviated by introducing humidifiers into your spaces that you inhabit throughout the day.

when to use humidifiers

When to Use a Humidifier?

Sleeping hours and winter seem to be drier periods. At night, your deep breathing may also cause your sinuses to dry out. Some people use a humidifier each night when they sleep. Others only use it when they are experiencing a cold. The colder months of winter seem to be the time of year that we see them being used most often, as heating systems indoors warm up the air, they also dry it out, thus causing dryness issues to animals and humans.

Warm Mist Humidifiers VS. Cold Mist Humidifiers

If you are going to use a humidifier it is important to make sure that you use it correctly. Some people believe that using warm water is better than using cold water, however there is not really any evidence that using warm mist versus cold mist provides any different benefits or creates any issues. Both are equally effective at misting moisture into the air. Room temperatures tend to make both types of vapor the same temperature once they reach your airways anyway. It is a preference, however warm mist humidifiers by nature, disperse less mineral buildup and bacteria into the air (from an uncleaned humidifier). People with children should be cautioned though with using warm air humidifiers because the steam from the hot water can sometimes cause burns, or in the event of the humidifier being hit and spilled out, it could cause direct hot water burn issues.

When to Clean the Humidifier

It is imperative that you clean your humidifier if you are going to be using one on a regular basis whether you have a cold or are trying to alleviate dry air conditions. Humidifiers use water to push mist or vapors, into the air. If you are a healthy person you should clean your humidifier at least once a week, however if you are a person with any type of allergies, it’s advised that you clean your humidifier more often than the once a week schedule.

Bacteria can build up in the humidifier no matter what type of water you choose to fill your humidifier with. Some people prefer using distilled, demineralized, deionized, or reverse osmosis water in their humidifiers to prevent a mineral build up, as these types of water have been treated to remove mineral content within them. If you use tap water you’ll be introducing minerals, and other additions to your humidifier. If you skip out on cleaning your humidifier, you’ll be growing bacteria within the humidifier and that bacteria will grow mold, and mold will be introduced into your air. Moldy bacteria filled airspace can cause a multitude of symptoms that we can assure you you do not want to experience such as severe coughs, asthma, lung inflammation, shortness of breath, and high grade fevers. Long term exposure to mold in the air can cause lung damage which leads to lung scarring and even lung disease.

You should clean your humidifier with basic non toxic natural cleaners such as vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and some prefer to use bleach. If you will be using bleach, it’s imperative that you ensure you have removed all bleach residue and thoroughly washed the humidifier and all of its parts of bleach, and allowed them to air out.

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