Sinus Infection Pink Eye

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sinus infection pink eye
Bacterial conjunctivitis is a common pink eye, caused by bacteria that infect the eye and cause a host of symptoms including red, swollen eyes, watery eyes, itchiness in the eye, and swollen linings of your eyes. The bacteria that causes conjunctivitis or pink eye, can enter the eye when you have been in contact with an individual that has pink eye; it is HIGHLY contagious. If you’ve touched surfaces that have been contaminated with the bacteria, you could easily catch it. You can also acquire bacterial conjunctivitis through other infections such as sinus infection pink eye and ear infections.

Viral infections are the most common culprit of pink eye. These infections can mimic sinus infections or have symptoms that accompany it that affect the sinuses. A viral infection can produce watery eyes, and red, painful, and swollen eyes. Sensitivity to bright lights is also a common report.

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