Sinus Infection Watery Eyes

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sinus infection watery eyesEvery wonder why your eyes sometimes water when you have a sinus infection? Sinus infection watery eyes is one of the most common symptoms that patients experience when they have an infection in their sinus cavity. Watery eyes can stem from a variety of reasons, so how do you know if your watery eyes are due to a sinus infection, or something else? Read below to find out more.

The good news is that you do not have to drive, and then sit in a waiting area waiting to be seen by a doctor if you think that you have watery eyes from a sinus infection. Get relief of sinus infection symptoms by visiting an online doctor. SmartDocMD makes it easy and convenient to see a doctor when you need quality healthcare. Skip the waiting room and start your online doctor consultation regarding your sinus infection eye symptoms.

Tears are naturally produced by your lacrimal glands in the upper eyelids. These glands can sometimes over produce tears due to a variety of reasons including allergies, infections, irritants, dry eye syndrome, and many times sinus infections.  Start your care now.

It can be hard to diagnose the reason why you have watery eyes and differentiate between other reasons for having water eyes, or sinus infection watery eyes as the causation of the symptoms you are experiencing.

If your water eyes symptoms are accompanied by other common sinus infection symptoms such as sinus pain, pressure, or you’ve had water eyes for a long period of time, you should consult with a doctor. SmartDocMD allows you to ask a doctor online about your symptoms and receive a consultation, diagnosis, medical recommendations and necessary prescriptions should your treatment plan include that. We offer flexible healthy care on your terms.

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