Can I get a Doctor’s Note Online?

Don’t know your problem? Take your best guess and our SmartDocAI will guide you.

can i get a doctor's note onlineWhen you are sick, the last thing you probably want to do is get in a car and drive to the clinic or urgent care to receive treatment. Going to the doctor when you are sick is time consuming, and rather gross when you think about all of the germs within the doctor’s office that you are exposing yourself to, as there will be other patient’s being treated there also that have different illnesses, some of which may be contagious. It takes a significant chunk of your day to drive, and then spend time waiting. Everyone gets annoyed waiting at the doctor’s office. Even the most efficient doctors have wait times where a patient will wait in either the waiting area, or the patient examination room to be seen. It’s just a byproduct of our healthcare system. When you’ve missed work and are trying to recover, the last place you want to visit is a clinic where others are sick and spend your time waiting around these other patients. You may be thinking – “Can I get a doctor’s note online?”.

The answer is YES. You can see a doctor online easily and affordably by starting with SmartDocMD’s service. You simply start your symptom checking, and fill out our Online Patient Interview. Don’t worry you can start and stop it as many times as needed, and it will remember where you were. Once your OPI is submitted, you will be provided with helpful recommendations and the ability to choose to speak to a doctor online. If you agree that you need an online doctor appointment, you’ll be connected with a licensed medical doctor that is Board Certified in the United States with a valid DEA license. You will be able to select from our curated list of partner sites.

When discussing your symptoms and problem, be sure to ask, Can I get a Doctor’s Note online – and the doctor will provide you with a doctor’s note that is valid for your employer or school records. Currently, this service is available to residents of California and all 50 states.

SmartDocMD helps you find treatment for common illnesses and infections such as upper respiratory infection, pink eye, the common cold, sinus infections, urinary tract infections and yeast infections. We do not triage for other more complex illnesses or chronic diseases. If you need a doctor’s note for work, simply begin the OPI and connect with our partner sites.

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