Sinus Infection Vs. Cold

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sinus infection vs cold
Feeling under the weather? Do you have a sore throat, cough, headache or stuffy nose? You may be wondering how to determine which sickness you’ve been struck with. Sinus infection vs. cold is an age-old battle, and it’s best determined by one primary factor: time.

A cold usually dissipates in around 3-5 days. When you’re still feeling the cough, fever, bad breath, sinus pressure associated you may have the more resilient of the two: sinus infection vs. cold. A bacterial sinus infection lasting longer than 10 days can require medical attention that you can start here.

When A Cold Gets Worse

Another typical pattern found in the sinus infection vs cold battle is a cold that eventually becomes a sinus infection. When the illness steadily becomes worse your cold can start to feel never ending, and when a sinus infection comes on late in the cycle of the illness it is prolonged immensely.

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How to Handle Your Sinus Infections vs Cold

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