Women’s Vaginal Problems

Don’t know your problem? Take your best guess and our SmartDocAI will guide you.

There are a myriad of vaginal symptoms and issues that can arise in women.  Some of them require medical attention and some are simply regular problems that can be mediated with a little work. It can be difficult to tell and decide when to go to the doctor, but SmartDocMD makes the whole process easier.

In order to rid women’s vaginal problems in the realm of odor, you must begin by practicing good hygiene. It’s important not to wash your vagina too forcefully, or you could cause tears and raise your risk of infection. Also, using chemicals or scents in the cleansing process can cause worse infections. Gentle soaps can help to not upset your natural pH.

womens vaginal problemsWomen’s Vaginal Problems

Next, only use exterior deodorizing products. It is advised not to use any products at all like this, however surely do not use anything internally. If you use them on the outside of your vagina, you’ll be much less likely to upset your natural chemistry, and this can cause problems. Make sure to change your underwear and possibly use a pH product if you’re having trouble with odor after following these steps.

Other problems can require medical assistance, as a doctor will have to prescribe a certain treatment. These women’s vaginal problems can include a yeast infection, which is fully treatable through our SmartDocMD online doctor service! The process is really simple, you can do start with clicking on start your care if you’re experiencing vaginal itching or vaginal discharge.

You’ll receive a brief interview about your symptoms and medical history through our revolutionary SmartDocAI service. This will help your SmartDocMD—should you decide to use one—help you with your treatment in a quick fashion. After your interview you can decide to purchase a one on one conversation with a doctor or follow through with your treatment from there. Whatever you choose, you chose right with SmartDocMD.

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