Why Does My Eye Hurt?

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why does my eye hurtIf your eye pain goes beyond just a sore, tired eye feeling and more into a realm where you are walking around and asking, “Why does my eye hurt?”, you might need to be seen by a physician in order to get some relief.

Sore eyes are a common problem if you work in an office setting or are in a type of job where you must watch a screen most of the day (computers, tablets, video, etc.) or if your eyes have encountered some sort of allergen or irritant recently. Usually this type of overworked so allergy caused soreness, goes away in a short amount of time. Other times though, the pain can linger, or get worse. SmartDocMD, online doctor visit, wants to solve the question and help provide relief!

If your eye pain gets worse, or other symptoms begin to accompany it, choose SmartDocMD’s revolutionary online doctor consultation system to seek online doctor visit free. You’ll receive a personalized health screening and recommendations for treating your condition, looking at solving the question, “Why does my eye hurt?”.

Your eye pain could be caused by a sinus infection, if you experience pain behind the eye area, or it could be an eye allergy if swelling accompanies your pain symptoms. Of course, pink eye is also a common cause of eye pain, and it brings with it, a host of other symptoms including scratchy feeling eyes, red or pink eyes, and sometimes a discharge from the eye.

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