What to Do for Sinus Infection

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The best advice we can offer is, don’t skimp out on water and sleep. Drink Tons of Water and Get Plenty of Rest

The fastest way to get rid a sinus infection is to give your immune system the proper time to respond and fight off the infection. Rest and water are going to be your best boosters. Certainly, some Vitamins such as Vitamin C do assist in the protection against immune deficiencies, however it does not prevent, cure or alleviate the symptoms of a sinus infection or a common cold illness.

In addition to water and rest, there are a few things you can do to alleviate the pressure and pain from your sinus infection. Moisten your sinuses by sitting with a towel over your head while you are positioned over a bowl of boiling, steamy water. The steam will provide your sinus cavities with moisture and give you some relief. Also applying a warm compress to your face can provide a bit of pain relief if you are experiencing pain from the pressure. If you have a a neti pot or some other nasal draining tool, you will benefit from clearing out your sinuses by using warm water, or saline water periodically.

what to do for sinus infection

How can I sleep? What to Do for Sinus Infections…

Sleeping in an upright position will also benefit you. You can get better rest if you sleep with your head elevated while you have a sinus infection.

Sinus infections caused by a viral infection just take a bit of time to go away. Sinus infections can be caused by a bacterial infection in the sinus as well. In these cases a doctor will usually prescribe an antibiotic for sinus infection illnesses. You must meet with a doctor in order to get an antibiotic for sinus infection illnesses. We offer helpful information on sinus infection symptoms.

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