UTI Prescriptions Online

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UTI Prescriptions online Prescriptions are medicines that must be administered by a medical practitioner. Urinary tract infections most often should be treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics are drugs regulated by the U.S. Food & Drug administration, that are used for treating infections that are caused by bacteria. It is important to procure your prescriptions from a medical doctor, or medical practitioner licensed to do so. They receive proper training on when to prescribe antimicrobial drugs and are aware of the public health concern of antibiotic resistance.

Because medications that treat urinary tract infections are prescription antibiotics you cannot simply procure UTI prescriptions online without a valid prescription from a practitioner licensed to provide prescription medications. The rules regarding who can prescribe and administer prescriptions varies by state.

We offer affordable California doctor visits online. If you do not have insurance, we very well may be the most affordable option for you if you are looking to pay a low-cost doctor visit without insurance in California. We treat minor illnesses such as urinary tract infections, yeast infections, sinus infections, the common cold, upper respiratory illnesses and coughs, as well as pink eye infections. Simply start here and tell us what is going on. We offer this as a free online doctor visit. If your condition, such as a UTI, requires antibiotics, you can pay a low fee that is less than the price to fill up your gas tank to see a doctor online without insurance in California.

Our California online doctors are based in the Bay Area and can follow up to your submission within a short amount of time, on average about thirty minutes. SmartDocMD would love to be your online medical care team for minor illnesses such as UTI’s. You can begin by clicking here if you believe that you have a urinary tract infection and desire to receive UTI prescriptions online (California patients only). We also offer doctors notes California as well for when you need to be excused from obligations due to your illness.

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