Urinary Tract Infection Prescription Online

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urinary tract infection prescription onlineNeed a urinary tract infection prescription online? If you are in the state of California, SmartDocMDs online doctors can now treat your condition in about 30 minutes. Drastically reduce your time spent, money spent, and your carbon footprint (driving to and from various locations to receive treatment and your prescription), when you seek treatment from our online doctors.

Unsure if you have a urinary tract infection? Most UTI’s come with a terrible burning sensation when you urinate, and patients notice a feeling of needing to urinate, or not completely emptying the bladder frequently. Other symptoms include a cloudy appearance of your urine, or urine that smells foul.

Our SmartDocAI can triage your condition, offers a preliminary diagnosis and recommendations for seeking treatment, alerts you to other more serious health conditions, and allows you to choose how you’d like to receive further treatment. If you want to be seen by our online doctors, we connect you with one in about 30 minutes (our typical response time), and from there you’ll receive a urinary tract infection prescription online if you are in California and your UTI treatment requires that a prescription medicine be taken.

If you’ve never had a urinary tract infection, chances are you will likely probably not experience one in your lifetime, however for some they are a pesky recurring problem. Recurring urinary tract infections can happen for a multitude of reasons. For about 60% of women (source: Cleveland Clinic’s article from October 21, 2015 – Can Cranberry Juice Stop Your UTI?) urinary tract infections are something that they’ll experience at least once. UTI’s are less common for men, however they can occur.

It’s very important to remember to drink lots of water and other fluids. Cranberry juice can be particularly effective at treating symptoms of a urinary tract infection. Patients should never self-treat with over the counter cranberry supplements, however cranberry juice can contain a bacteria fighter that helps your body to fight off infection in the bladder. This bacterium is said to restrict the invader bacteria’s ability to adhere to your bladder wall. The ingredient, A-type proanthocyanidins (PACS for short) has been studied by various researchers, and the consensus is that most juices and supplements on the market do not contain enough of active PACS to really make a difference, however some sufferers swear by them.

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