Sinus Swelling Around the Eyes

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Sinus swelling around the eyes is most often caused by an abundance of infected mucous that has collected in the sinus cavities that surround your eyes. Don’t suffer! Get an online doctor visit and let us treat your sinus infection efficiently here. Skip the waiting room and start right here. We can easily treat your sinus infection. Residents of California are easily served by our online doctor visit system.

Most sinus infections require time and rest, and some require antibiotics for sinus infections. You’ll start with our free online doctor consultation. Answer some questions about your illness symptoms and your medical history. From there you can decide if you want to be treated with sinus infection online treatment (Californians only, right now).

Your face has four sinus cavities:  The Frontal sinus, the Ethmoid sinus, the Sphenoid sinus, and Maxillary sinus. The Frontal sinus is located above the eyebrows and extends to right above the middle of your eyes. The Ethmoid sinus is located right beside each socket, up against the nose. The Sphenoid sinus is located around the eyes, and the Maxillary sinus is in your cheek area and extends to the nose. These cavities can fill with mucous when you have a sinus infection and cause sinus swelling around the eyes. Some patients also feel a pressure feeling in their head or have accompanying watery eyes.

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