Sinus Infection and Pink Eye

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Sinus infection and pink eye can be an unsightly irritating infection that causes issues of a wide variety in the eyes. These can include swelling, watery eyes, itchiness, and even oozing pus. Pink eye, also known as bacterial conjunctivitis is an infection that can be contracted from any surface it’s on. The nature of bacterial conjunctivitis is that it is easily transmittable from any source.

Highly contagious as it is, it can spread from other areas that aren’t typically known as pink eye. A sinus infection, for example can be a source of pink eye of the conditions are right. Any viral infection in other areas of the face can also create an opportunity for pink eye. Sinus infection symptoms are also painful when coupled with pink eye, as headaches and sensitivity to light go hand in hand.

Sinus Infection and Pink EyeSinus infection and pink eye can sneak up on you, due to the nature of contracting bacterial conjunctivitis. If you’re looking for treatment, you can start your process here for sinus infection and pink eye. If you’re concerned about your sinus infection becoming pink eye or the other way around then you should start your online interview with Smart Doc AI. We’ll take you through a quick history and physical. Then, you’ll receive a free health screening, and choose your SmartDocMDs. Get the health care you need on your schedule, from a group of the best trained professionals.

How to Handle Your Sinus Infections and Pink Eye

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