Sinus Infection Headache

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sinus infection headache
Sinus infection headaches are absolute worst. That pounding, pressure and pain in the areas of our face that are over sinus cavities can stop you dead in your tracks and really effect your day to day activities. The pain and pressure usually get worse as the day goes on, or worse at night depending on your issues. You can usually figure out that you have a sinus infection headache by taking an inventory of the areas of your head that you feel pain. If you also feel pressure along with the pain, and the pain is over the sinuses in the face, you can probably safely assume you have a sinus infection headache. SmartDocMD treats sinus infections with sinus infection antibiotics and other treatments. If you need relief now, start here.

Where are the sinuses located? The maxillary sinuses are located in the outer area of your cheeks from your nose. This is the largest sinus cavity and a common area for patients to experience pain to the touch. The frontal sinuses are located above each eye brow, spreading towards the lower centered area of your forehead. This is a common area for patients to report that they have a sinus infection headache. The Ethmoid sinuses are located very close to the eyes, at the top of the sides of your nose. Patients commonly report sinus infection watery eyes symptoms caused by pressure and pain in this sinus area.

If you think that your headache symptoms are caused by a sinus infection headache, we can offer relief quickly. If you believe that your headaches are being caused by some other reason, please consider that you may have an undiagnosed sinus infection that has lingered and not been treated. Sinus infection headache is commonly confused with other types of headaches.

Many times patients suffer from sinus infection symptoms including headache and believe their symptoms are caused by some other reason, like for instance, they could have a sinus infection headache that they believe to be a migraine headache, when it is actually not. If the patient does not eradicate the sinus infection in their sinus cavity, the symptoms could come back in a short period, and could be confused with chronic migraines or headaches, and the patient may not realize that the headache itself is a sinus infection headache and that properly treating their sinus infection, should get rid of the headache symptoms they are experiencing.

In addition to the information we provide on sinus infection headache and other pertinent sinus infection symptoms, we also provide a wealth of info on other issues such as vaginal problems, is it pink eye or allergies, and relief from the common cold.

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