Sinus Infection Fever?

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Where to Go When You Have a Sinus Infection Fever

When a sinus infection hits, your symptoms can range from manageable enough to keep you at work, or painful enough to keep you at home. This common health problem affects many adults and children each year and is easily treatable when appropriate measures are taken. Since this health problem is common, symptoms such as a sinus infection fever are able to be treated via telemedicine. If you wish to avoid the doctor’s office and receive convenient, at-home treatment, use SmartDocMD.

What Exactly is SmartDocMD?

SmartDocMD originated as an idea between one physician and one patient – offer convenient, quality health care for basic problems without the waiting room. Doctor’s offices, urgent care centers, and walk-in clinics were created before the internet. Many Americans have access to the internet, which allows them to take part in the new age of telemedicine.

Why take the time to go to a doctor’s office and potentially expose others to germs when you can receive treatment online? This is the idea behind telemedicine. While in-person medical care is certainly necessary for many different diseases, numerous basic health problems can be treated more effectively online.

Telemedicine is indeed an integral part of the future of healthcare. Technology has progressed to an advanced stage that allows it to be utilized in treating health problems. Cameras within computers allow for doctors to live video chat with patients in an instant. Even though an in-person meeting does not occur, patients are still able to receive personalized treatment plans through healthcare services such as the ones SmartDocMD provides.

Need a doctor’s note for school or work? Not a problem. Our doctors will provide a note for an excused absence – simply ask. This is in line with our commitment to better medicine.

The SmartDocMD Mission

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Are you a Californian? SmartDocMD provides affordable healthcare for basic healthcare problems. No insurance needed!

SmartDocMD seeks to change the way technology works to benefit the patient-doctor experience. We want to be a part of the solution of bettering medicine because we believe there is a better way to treat health problems than the traditional approach. Through telemedicine, we intend to make medical care faster, more accurate, and less time intensive than in-person office visits.

One benefit that comes from the SmartDocMD approach is the affordability of treatment. If you wish to use the information provided (including prescriptions if necessary) it only costs $30. An in-office doctor visit can cost hundreds of dollars, which can be a deterrent for people who cannot afford steep, unexpected bills. Developing a basic health problem should not have to put a strain on finances.

Another major benefit of telemedicine? Keeping infectious disease from spreading. It is no surprise that doctor’s offices are a breeding ground for germs. Acute infections can be deadly for some. By allowing people with a viral infection to stay home, telemedicine can prevent those with a compromised immune system to stay at home.

How SmartDocMD Works

SmartDocMD is all about convenience, quality care, and accurate diagnosis. Since the beginning of our existence, we have sought to provide patients with basic medical problems with specific diagnosis and personalized treatment plans.

If you have never used telemedicine before, you may wonder how the process works. While each telemedicine service varies, the process is usually very similar across the board. It all begins with starting your care.

With SmartDocMD, you will choose from a list of five different basic medical problems: sinus infections, cold and/or cough, urinary tract infection, pink-eye/allergies, or yeast infection. You will be asked to provide information on what is happening health-wise, and provide a medical history – just like the doctor’s office.

Next, your information will be submitted for an individual health screening and triage based on your OPI. SmartDocAl will offer specific guidelines according to your problem, as well as suggestions for finding treatment. You will also be alerted for more serious conditions, all for FREE.

If you wish to use the information, you can skip the waiting room for just $30. This saves you time and money – one of the goals SmartDocMD has in providing a new way for healthcare. Even better? Your visit will help us donate to providing healthcare for communities in need.

Certified Doctors

SmartDocMD physicians are board certified and licensed. Our doctors go through a rigorous application process. They must have passed all licensing exams and have a valid prescribing DEA license. Additionally, they are among the best doctors in their field and highly recommended by their peers. The online patient interview that patients take utilizes diagnosis and treatment plans based on official medical society care guidelines. Our doctors follow these evidence-based guidelines in pursuit of better, safer, and effective care for you.

How Symptoms Are Evaluated

The reason that certain medical problems are able to be treated online is that their symptoms are often clear cut – meaning that the doctor is able to diagnose with the knowledge of the symptoms you are experiencing. If you are experiencing the following, SmartDocMD can likely help.

Sinus infection symptoms can include, pressure and facial pain, bad breath, nasal discharge, postnasal drip, and more. Some people who have pink-eye or eye allergies may have similar symptoms, such as eye drainage and red, bloodshot, irritated or painful eyes. It can be important for your health and comfort to contact a medical professional such as SmartDocMD for relief.

Common cold symptoms can be similar to sinus infections and can include stuffy noses, cough, nasal drainage, post nasal drip, and more. While a common cold or cough often needs time to go away and can’t be treated with medication, SmartDocMD can offer advice on how to treat these symptoms at home.

Use Over the Counter Medications or Prescriptions

Antibiotics can have side effects, which is why many people choose to use over the counter treatments. SmartDocMD can provide suggestions on over the counter symptom relief options for infected sinuses, such as sprays to soothe painful nasal passages.

Over the counter treatments can include saline sprays and the use of a neti pot. A clean cool or warm mist humidifier may also be helpful. Saline sprays can be purchased over the counter and used according to doctor’s recommendations. There are many ways that sinus infection symptoms can be addressed – the choice is yours to see what methods help you the most.

Types of Sinusitis

sinus infection fever
Sinus infection fever or other painful symptoms? SmartDocMD provides online treatment from the convenience of your home.

Sinus infections are caused by sinusitis. There are various types of sinusitis. Certain types may require the use of antibiotics, others will only heal with time and relief of symptoms. Since sinusitis is a basic health problem, it is a good opportunity to use an online doctor.

One type of sinusitis is acute sinusitis. This type of sinus infection causes a sudden onset of cold-like symptoms such as a runny or stuffy and facial pain. Consulting a doctor for this type of sinusitis is recommended, as bacterial sinus infections respond well to antibiotics. SmartDocMD will provide you with a prescription if that’s what is believed to be best for your case.

Antibiotics are rarely the first approach to treating sinus infections. Far too often are antibiotics prescribed when they do not need to be. A doctor will typically recommend the following to try first: decongestants, over-the-counter cold and allergy medications, and nasal saline spray. As with most sickness, one is recommended to consume plenty of fluids as well.

Chronic sinusitis is another fairly common type of infection. This condition is defined by sinus symptoms that last for at least twelve weeks. People with nasal allergies, asthma, and a deviated septum are more likely to get chronic sinus infections.

Long-term sinusitis is best treated by addressing the underlying causes. The relief of allergies and prevention of allergy symptoms can prevent a long-term sinus infection from happening in the first place.

Use SmartDocMD for Symptoms Like a Sinus Infection Fever

SmartDocMD is here for your common healthcare problems. If you have ailments such as a sinus infection fever, runny nose, cough, and more, use SmartDocMD. Convenient, affordable healthcare is a click away.

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