Sinus Infection and Eyes

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sinus infection and eyesSinusitis symptoms can cause eye pressure, eye pain and other symptoms. Sinusitis is another name for a sinus infection in which the tissue of the sinus cavity becomes inflamed and swollen. The sinuses become blocked by the inflamed tissues and mucous builds up.  Sinus infections are caused by a myriad of causes including a virus, a bacterium, sometimes fungus, and other times allergies and other conditions such as tooth infections can bring about symptoms of a sinus infection.

When you have a sinus infection you can feel pressure in a few different locations on your face and head. That is because the sinuses are technically a group of cavities that are located throughout the cranial area. There’s a Maxillary sinus, a Frontal sinus, an Ethmoid sinus, and a Sphenoidal sinus. There are other sinuses in the body, however when most refer to a sinus infection and eyes they are referring to these main four sinus areas located in parts of the face and skull.

When people mention they have a sinus infection and eyes related symptoms including pressure and watery eyes, they may have an infection in any of the sinus cavities in their face. The maxillary sinus spreads across the cheeks, outward from the nose. The Ethmoid sinus is located more on the nose, near the eyes, and the front sinus is located up above the eyebrow area in the forehead.

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