Sinus Infection Doctors Note

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online doctors californiaHave a sinus infection and need a sinus infection doctors note? If you are located in California (other locations are planned for the future), you can use SmartDocMD for an online doctor visit, or receive treatment options for your sinus related condition when you choose the online doctor free option. If you are feeling crummy and experiencing headaches, your teeth hurting, popping noise from the sinuses, watery eyes, red eyes, and a large amount of pressure in the sinuses from an excess in mucous, you likely have a sinus infection. You can find out for sure, by clicking here and skipping the waiting room by using the SmartDocAI to see a doctor online and receive a doctors note online.

While sinus infections are, technically, not contagious, the virus that precedes them or the cause of the infection in the sinu-nasal passages can be contagious. We cover the variables involved in our article on, Are Sinus Infections Contagious? For this reason, it’s important to try and determine when your symptoms began and if you are still experiencing symptoms of a virus, that may have caused your sinusitis. Our SmartDocs will offer treatment options for a sinus infection including antibiotics for sinus infections, and a sinus infection doctors note excuse that will cover your obligations at work or school that you may miss due to the illness.

You may have other questions, such as, “Can a sinus infection spread to your eye”. We can provide answers! Bloodshot eyes can result from a sinus infection, however they could also be caused by a different type of infection, such as conjunctivitis, sometimes called a  pink eye infection. We offer pink eye treatment online, as well.

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