Severe Sinus Infection

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Can a Severe Sinus Infection be dangerous?

severe sinus infectionWe commonly receive questions about severe sinus infection illnesses and how dangerous they can be. If you are wondering if a sinus infection can kill you, or looking for relief of sinus infection symptoms, look no further. We have answers and we can offer treatment via SmartDocMD, online doctor visits.

Can you die from a severe sinus infection?

While there is a limited amount of statistics that look at the cause of death being rhinosinusitis or severe sinus infection, we are positive that cases of these illnesses hastening the death of a person that has a compromised immune system, or perhaps that is fighting another virus’ have occurred, however this is VERY rare. Large publications try and catch viewers with these types of attention-grabbing headlines related to a sinus infection causing a patient’s death, however this type of situation is still very rare, even if we see the cases spotlighted each cold season.

Sinus Infections Symptoms are feeling as if you have a cold, runny/stuff nose, facial pressure or pain, headache, sore throat, post nasal drip, fever, coughing, feeling tired, bad breath, watery eyes, and experiencing a clicking noise around the nose or cheek area. Some patients experience these symptoms more severely than others. If you experience vision problems, a migraine that will not go away or that gets worse over time, facial swelling that continues to swell, or loss of motor or muscle functioning you should see a doctor immediately.

Typically, most patients do not require medical treatment for a simple sinus infection, however when their symptoms become more severe and continue to worsen, it’s important that they seek medical treatment. When you are in this type of situation the last thing you want to do is head to a car and travel to a doctor’s office or urgency care office to receive medical care. SmartDocMD offers an easy solution in the form of online medical help for severe sinus infection illnesses.

Our board certified, United States doctors will provide you with personalized healthcare, and a virtual doctor visit. If your illness requires antibiotics for sinus infection, we will send you your prescription within 30 minutes. Get personalized healthcare at a very affordable cost – just $30.

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