Pink Eye Conjunctivitis

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Pink eye can be a nuisance, and one that requires time off work due to how contagious it can be. Viral infections are typically not threatening towards any permanent damage, but some can become severe under the right circumstances. If you’re worried about a case of conjunctivitis you might need to seek medical care. We can guide you through that process here at SmartDocMD. Our online doctors are equipped to treat pink eye conjunctivitis online.

You should seek care if your concerned about the severity of your conjunctivitis, but also if you’re experiencing pain in the eye affected by the conjunctivitis or otherwise, blurred vision after the discharge has been cleared, or if your symptoms aren’t improving after you use antibiotics. It’s also important to not use contact lenses for the period of your conjunctivitis treatment.

how to tell if you have pink eye or allergiesYour Treatment for Pink Eye Conjunctivitis

Children can have conjunctivitis at a more intense rate and may need medical attention sooner than an adult. Newborns need medical attention right away. The infection may clear up in a week to two weeks without treatment, but severe instances can last weeks longer. In any case, you deserve to treat your conjunctivitis with trained professional guidance. This is precisely the top of medical aid we can give for your pink eye conjunctivitis here at SmartDocMD. We treat adults over the age of 18 via virtual doctors and telemedicine.

You’ll get your care the way you need and the way you deserve by trained professionals. You’ll know the difference as soon as you try SmartDocMD. Start your pink eye conjunctivitis treatment using our online doctor services. SmartDocAI ensures our doctors have the guidelines to make evidence-based decisions for your health. We care about your wellness and for those less fortunate. For every dollar you pay, we will contribute to the care of an underprivileged individual. No waiting rooms. No sitting in the doctor’s office. This is health care on your terms.


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