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Don’t know your problem? Take your best guess and our SmartDocAI will guide you.

online drs

Ensuring that you find a doctor that is right for you can be a difficult process. You want to have a physician that you can trust and count on and that is what SmartDocMd provides. One of our goals is to provide our patients with a flexible scheduling process and act as health care that is on your terms.

Our Online Drs

Our US board-certified doctors are available to take your online patient interview and help you right now with a personalized care plan, including prescriptions as necessary. They have been put through a rigorous application process to ensure that they are qualified. Each of our online doctors had to pass all portions of the United States Medical Licensing Exams as well as a valid prescribing DEA license. We pride ourselves on having doctors that are among the best in their field and highly recommended. We follow a number of guidelines that bring better, safer, and more effective care for you as well as providing a note for excuses from work/school.

When going to the doctor in-person the process can become more complicated and time-intensive. SmartDocMd prevents that from happening by tailoring that process to your needs and providing you with the quality care you deserve. You will not have to worry about sitting in a waiting room wasting time when you could have a health service at the tip of your fingers.

SmartDocMd makes it a priority to give you a doctor visit that will not only provide you with the care that you need but also a great doctor-patient relationship. You may be wondering why this is important when your doctor visits are taking place online, but that is what makes it even more important. Patients want to understand their illness and treatment and know that their doctors are telling them everything they need to know.

How can SmartDocMd Help

SmartDoc is the perfect online doctor for non-emergency medical conditions. Providing assistance to patients that can be safely assessed without an in-office visit. Some of the most common illnesses we treat are a sinus infection, cold/upper respiratory infections/cough, urinary tract infection (UTI), eye infection/ ”pink eye”/conjunctivitis, eye allergies and yeast infection. Similar to an urgent care SmartDocMd is capable of treating these common illnesses without having to wait.

When starting with SmartDocMd there are some easy steps to take to get your care started. This will guide you through the process and get you on the fast road to recovery.

  1. Online Interview – Our SmartDocAI takes you through an efficient history and physical
  2. Free health screening – Succinctly review your health information and what medical guidelines say
  3. Choose our SmartDocMDs – Available on-demand, providing quality health care on your schedule
  4. Personalized Care Plan – Receive recommendations with confidence, including prevention, lifestyle changes, and medications.

Understand Your sickness and treatment

When you are sick it can be very easy to look into your symptoms and try to over-analyze what you are feeling. Our physicians at SmartDocMd are qualified and prepared to help you find what will be best for you and your recovery.

Ensuring that your medical care is in the right hands is very important. Trusting your doctor and allowing the online process to work for you will follow with great recovery and a strong doctor-patient relationship. Don’t waste several hours traveling and sitting in a waiting room when you can have the service at the tip of your fingers. There is not a better way to get the quick care that you need and start your recovery in the most convenient way possible.

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