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Don’t know your problem? Take your best guess and our SmartDocAI will guide you.

online drIf you are a patient located in California, we very well may be the most affordable, and most thorough option for an online doctor visit. We offer a personalized health screening for free. From there, you can choose to receive treatment online via our easy to use online doctor consultation. When you decide to work with our virtual MD’s you are in control of your care and data. You submit a quick one-time payment at a very low rate of cost, and we provide online medical help including thorough consulting, diagnosis, and treatment via a prescription if your condition requires a prescription. We also are equipped to provide a doctor note excuse if are deemed to need that.

Finding health care services online has never been easier for residents of California who wish to use an online DR. Use SmartDocMD telemedicine portal and receive your very own easy to use my doctor online. You’ll fill out the quick personalized health screening where we learn of your symptoms and medical history. From there you can decide to see a doctor online in California easily and quickly through our methods. Get started right here.

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