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Don’t know your problem? Take your best guess and our SmartDocAI will guide you.

online doctors officeThink of SmartDocMD virtual online doctors office as the new way to go to the doctor’s office. We are an online doctor’s office of sorts, based in California. We provided online healthcare to Californians (we hope to expand soon), on their terms. We treat common minor illnesses including sinus infections, pink eye, eye allergies, the common cold virus, persistent cough symptoms, sore throat, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, and common vaginal problems. We can prescribe medicines including antibiotics needed to treat whatever is ailing you. We also offer a doctor’s excuse note for work or school if you are going to have to miss time at work or school due to your illness.

Our company began after we realized that traditional in-office doctor visits rarely are truly treating patients as if their time and efforts mattered. Think about your most recent visit to a traditional medical office for a common sickness or quick urgent care need. You likely waited for a long time in a waiting room area to be seen. From there, you waited in the patient examination room for the doctor to come in after a nurse has taken your vitals and found out what you are looking to be seen for. From there, you wait even further to be discharged/released from the office, paying for the visit can sometimes create more wait time at the office at the end of the visit, and then even further, you usually have to wait around on medicines or prescriptions needed to treat your common illness. That’s A LOT of your personal time off of school, work and other obligations that are important to you.

Furthermore, waiting around while you are sick and possibly contagious in a waiting area can risk further spreading of the illness or virus causing your symptoms. You likely pay more than the $30 that SmartDocMD charges to speak to a doctor online for your visit depending on your insurance and specific reason for being seen. SmartDocMD seeks to be an innovative way to reach out to an online doctor and get quick, affordable answers and diagnosis.

What can online doctors treat? Our virtual portal is an online doctors office. Start your care here. You’ll be asked a series of questions regarding what is ailing you and what sorts of symptoms you are experiencing. You will be asked about your medical history. You can stop and start the questionnaire as many times as you need, and your work will be saved, however it is a very easy questionnaire interview. From there, you’ll receive specific medical info on your illness, and ways to be treated. You can choose to see one of our online doctors for a very low cost with no annual subscription required.

What can you expect from your visit to our online doctor’s office? You’ll receive quality medical treatment. Our doctors go through a rigorous application process. All are licensed to practice medicine in the United States and have passed all portions of the United States Medical Licensing Exams; all have a valid prescribing DEA license. Our website is a private, encrypted website. We are fully HIPAA compliant and we adhere to the same standards as a traditional medical office or hospital.

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