Online Doctors California

Don’t know your problem? Take your best guess and our SmartDocAI will guide you.

SmartDocMDs online doctors California offer affordable healthcare for non-emergency medical conditions. Get exceptional treatment online from our US board certified virtual doctors for conditions such as Urinary Tract Infection prescription online, online doctor sinus infection, online doctor for pink eye, and yeast infection treatment online. Currently, we can provide online doctors California to residents in the Golden State. We fully expect to expand to other states in the future.

We seek to be the most trusted source for online doctors California. If you do this current search, you might find urgent care websites devoted to offering appointments every 15 minutes, or see the Doctor on Demand links, or perhaps another website that is frequented, Teladoc, however SmartDocMD seeks to set ourselves apart from these other major providers of online doctors California. We are not Doctor on Demand, or Teladoc. You will not be subject to various marketing programs, and we currently do not treat chronic, or more serious medical conditions at this time.

We want to break down the typical barriers that come with being a large provider of virtual doctors, both organizationally and logistically. We developed our own software tools that we use to forward making medical care faster and more accurate with less time for everyone involved.

Why do we have to spend several hours traveling to the doctor and sitting in the waiting room for simple illnesses such as a sinus infection, cold, cough or pink-eye? Doctor’s offices, urgent care centers, and walk-in clinics were built before the age of the internet. Traditional in-person medical care is necessary for many different diseases, however, there are many basic health problems that can be more effectively treated by a doctor online.

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