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Don’t know your problem? Take your best guess and our SmartDocAI will guide you.

free online doctor visit
Access quality healthcare from anywhere, at any time when you use SmartDocMD. We understand that times are changing and that patients lead very busy appointment filled lives. When you come down with a common illnesses and experience symptoms such as runny nose, cough, pain when urinating, or a common vaginal yeast infection, you simply need treatment. The last thing you want is another appointment to drive to and more time wasted sitting in a waiting room waiting on treatment.

We have streamlined the online doctor visit experience. You can start your free online doctor visit now, when you click to start your care now. Simply choose one of the 5 common ailments and let the SmartDocAI do the work for you. You’ll fill out a personalized healthcare questionnaire where we gather information about your symptoms. The best part of the online patient interview is that you can stop it and go back to it while you are doing other things. You’ll receive a free personalized health screening result and triage is provided based on your online patient interview. You’ll receive guidelines specific to your illness, suggestions for finding treatment, and alert you to more serious conditions, all free of charge. If you do not know which problem to choose, take your best guess and our proprietary SmartDocAI will guide you.

From there you can get the help that you need for just $30. You’ll receive an online doctor visit with United States board certified doctors that are available to help you, including any prescriptions as necessary.

You can feel good about using SmartDocMD because each time you choose to use our online doctor visit services California we will donate time and money to providing health care to those that lack access to adequate healthcare services. We partner with free health clinics to help offer services and medications to communities that lack adequate access. Giving back is a big part of what we do.

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