Online Doctor Service

Don’t know your problem? Take your best guess and our SmartDocAI will guide you.

Tired of searching for a doctor worth your time in your area? We understand? Are you sifting through the many online doctor service options and still feeling a little bogged down? We can help with online doctor service. The process is simple, and we’ve laid it out in five easy steps that you can learn about here.

First, you start your care process. We want to get you better, so we’ve divide up the five basic medical problems into categories that you can begin with.

online doctor serviceOnline Doctor Service Treating:

You can choose which symptoms are most like yours, and all without ever having to enter a waiting room, or sit in a doctor’s office. After you start your care, we begin the online patient interview. Our Artificial Intelligence program will assist you in a short interview and gather your medical history to better assist us in treatment.

Then, your health information and triage will begin, where we personalize a free individual health screening result and triage is provided based on your interview. At this point in the process, you can decide if you want SmartDocMDs on demand. For 30 dollars, you can skip the waiting room, and provide prescriptions if necessary.

After your visit we will provide a donation to a free health clinic to improve their services or simply allow them to help people another day. If you would like to contribute directly you can see our list of partners here.

Your needs will be met here at SmartDocMD no problem with our trusted team of professionals and streamlined services.

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