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Affordable Online Doctor Visits

online doctor no insurance
The average visit to the doctor can cost between $300 to $600 when you do not have insurance depending on your illness. Some urgent care facilities have a flat rate between $50-$150 depending on the area in the country that you live. Emergency room visits are by far the biggest cost when you do not have health insurance.

Do you seek urgent care for a non-medical emergency such as a sinus infection, cold, cough, yeast infection, urinary tract infection, or pink eye and have no current form of insurance? Sometimes patients avoid seeking treatment for colds, viruses, sinus infections, and common UTI infections because they do not want to pay for the treatment costs without having an insurance provider. They believe that the costs are too high, and sometimes they can be quite exorbitant when you do not have insurance.  In addition to this, some patients may have lost their current insurance coverage due to some reason or another. These are common barriers to quality medical care in the United States.

You should know that there are virtual doctor options available at affordable costs online. You do not have to pay insanely high emergency room bills in order to be seen for a particularly bad cold, or sinus infection. Instead, you can choose to speak to a doctor online about effective treatment and get some relief for the current price of $30 on SmartDocMD.

SmartDocMD online doctor service may be the best and most affordable option for you in seeking treatment. Our fees are very low compared with going to the emergency room, or some other traditional urgent care clinic. Many of these locations require payment upfront for services when you are without an insurance provider. In addition to providing quality medical care, we are available online, making our online medical services among the best option for those that find themselves without insurance.

Our concept began after we realized just how antiquated the patient-doctor experience in-office can be for ailments that generally leave you feeling as if you do not want to leave the house. Let’s be honest, no one really wants to get in a car and drive to the doctor, or an urgent care clinic to see a doctor for a yeast infection, or urinary tract infection. Sinus infections that leave you with a pounding sinus headache usually leave you wanting to stay in bed, rather than visit the doctor for prescription medicine that will treat your problem. For these types of illnesses, SmartDocMD virtual doctors are a wonderful solution.

You should know that there are other online doctors that offer the same types of services. We strive to set ourselves apart from these competitors, many of which require subscriptions to their services even if you are not going to use them more than once. We offer a one time online doctor visit that takes care of your problem.

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