Online Doctor in California

Don’t know your problem? Take your best guess and our SmartDocAI will guide you.

SmartDocMDs are the best new online doctor in California service. Gone are the days of spending hours waiting on a doctor in an urgent care facility and walk in clinics. We make it so that you can save time, money and still get treatment by board certified physicians, based in the United States, specifically the state of California. We will update and expand to other areas at a near future date.

We have streamlined the process of offering telemedicine and virtual doctors. Most of the other services offering the ability to see an online doctor in California have replicated the same type of lengthy and annoying process offered by traditional medicine. Instead of solving the dilemma of costs and offering a more efficient way to get quality healthcare, they inevitably put users right back into an online waiting room system or send users in a time-consuming goose chase of video-chats that may require to download programs to your device or computer.

Our approach is different in that we are not a robust company seeking to duplicate the same process of traditional medicine or seeking to offer types of urgent care online. You will not receive a lengthy wait, extended form to fill out, and charts to view. Instead, you’ll receive a diagnosis for your illness, or guidance on the best way to seek further treatment if your condition is out of the scope of our care.

online doctor in california
We seek to treat patients in California experiencing simple illnesses such as a sinus infection, cold or bad cough, upper respiratory infections, pink eye, yeast infections, and urinary tract infections. If you want to get started, simply start here. You’ll fill out our quick OPI questionnaire that will tell us a bit about your problem and medical history. From there you will receive treatment guidance, and you can choose to pay our online doctor in California for that treatment.

For sinus infection treatment online, yeast infection treatment online, pink eye diagnosis online, urinary tract infection online doctor services, we are the best go-to company if you are a patient in California. We can provide a quick RX so that you get treatment quickly, and a valid California doctors excuse if you are missing obligations at school or work.

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