Online Doctor for Sinus Infection

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Can you see an online doctor for sinus infection / sinusitis?

If you think that you have sinusitis, we are here for you. We offer an online urgent care for nonemergency illnesses such as sinus infection, a cold, pink eye, urinary tract infection and even vaginal yeast infections. You may be wondering if you can see an online doctor for this type of infection and the answer is yes. Doctors are treating sinus infections each and every day via online doctor visits. The days of having to drive to an urgent care and spend time waiting around for the doctor to see you are over.

clogged ear sinus infection
Clogged ear sinus infection symptoms can cause other pain. SmartDocMD will find a solution.

Sinus infections typically bring about sinus pain and other common symptoms such as nasal clicking sounds, pain in the teeth or jaw, discolored nasal discharge, tenderness of the face, frontal headaches, coughing and fever. If you have had a runny nose or nasal discharge for more than 7 days, you probably do not have a cold, you more than likely have a sinus infection. Sinus infections should be treated in order to get relief of the symptoms. A doctor can determine the cause of the sinus infection and offer treatment.

You can start right here if you believe that you have a sinus infection. Most of the time a sinus infection is caused by a virus that brings with it common cold symptoms. After the virus has left, the infection remains, and the symptoms sometimes get worse and worse. Antibiotics do not get rid of a virus. Antibiotics are not usually recommended if you have had these symptoms for only a few days to a week. Your online doctor for sinus infection will determine the best course of treatment for you.

If you have these sorts of symptoms we would be happy to treat you with an online doctor visit. Our visits are quick and only cost $30 with or without insurance. We believe that healthcare should be available to everyone.

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