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online doctor cheap
The word cheap can connote certain feelings of something being nearly worthless, and that is not our intention with this article. The word cheap is not usually paired with the medical industry. Everyone knows that the en vogue complaint of the decade has been related to the cost of healthcare and its accessibility to patients. That complaint is a valid one. Healthcare is extremely expensive, and out of reach for many consumers that cannot afford insurance, or their insurance co-pays to see an urgent care doctor for a non-emergency illness.

It was with this spirit that SmartDocMD was created. Our online doctors seek to provide easy access to medical answers while providing that care at a low, cheap cost. Healthcare should be accessible to all.

Doctors are highly trained individuals that spend almost entire decades in post-secondary education medical training to become a practicing physician in the United States. This type of education is not cheap. Insurance for practicing medicine is also, not exactly something that should be referred to as cheap.

All of our online doctors seek to provide better accessibility to patients. The cost of quality healthcare should not break a weekly budget. Patients are looking for more affordable ways to access healthcare, and we provide ways to speak to a doctor online easily.

Sound medical advice is hard to come by. With the age of Wikipedia and Web MD at patient’s fingertips nearly everyone we come into contact with has some sort of medical or health related advice that they offer as fact. This type of advice is not really advice that you get from a medical doctor. While you can find out symptoms online and learn more about your health and body, you cannot diagnose yourself using these types of websites or on your own. Only a medical doctor can diagnose your illness and offer you prescription medicines to treat your symptoms and your illness.

Instead of trusting your colleague at work with diagnosing your common cold symptoms or pink eye symptoms, which is impossible for them, you should reach out to a virtual doctor that is equipped with knowledge learned in actual medical training institutions that are accredited.

Our prices for online doctor services are much less than the average online doctor website service. We do not make you sign up and pay a monthly, or annual price to be a member, and then bill you for each visit, as some do. Instead, we are set up to offer a low cost, just $30, online doctor visit that is significantly less than the going rate for most visits to an urgent care even if you have insurance.

If you wake up with a cold, and need to see a doctor, think about using SmartDocMD, online doctor cheap services. We do not offer a completely free online doctor service, however we do provide users that opt for the free treatment plan without speaking to us online with a valuable personalized treatment plan that addresses that concerns and symptoms that they brought forth on their online patient interview.

The days of having to take off of work, drive to the urgent care facility, or your primary care doctor’s office, and spend time waiting for your appointment to begin, and then waiting for your doctor to physically walk in and see you, you can speak to a doctor online using our online doctor cheap services.

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