Why Does My Nose Make Popping Noises?

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Most likely if you’ve ever blown your nose, you’ve heard some noise coming from it. If you have some sinus infection symptoms, you may notice that with your sinus infection, you may also hear a popping noise. So, if you are wondering, why does my nose make popping noises? We try and answer this question here.

Your nose is a space that was designed to provide necessary air to your body. The anatomy of your nose and sinus cavities make it possible for mucous and other debris to situate itself in that space.

why does my nose make popping noises

Your nose can make noise pretty much anytime you engage it, or the areas that anatomically connect to it such as your mouth. Each time you swallow, yawn, or move your face, you could experience a popping noise coming from your nose. This possibility is further complicated if you have a sinus infection.

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