New Year, New You! Tips for Making an Impact on your Health in 2019

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Improving one’s health has always topped the list of the most popular New Year’s resolutions as each year passes. At SmartDocMD, we hope that you consistently strive to improve and become better with each passing day. With this in mind, we provide these ways that you can begin to integrate a more healthful mindset and make your new year a healthier one. We advise that you slowly make changes rather than attempting to accomplish all of your health goals all at once. Not only does this give your body time to acclimate to changes you are making, but you will be more likely to keep up this lifestyle changes that you slowly begin to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Make Health a Priority in 2019

If you intentionally make health a priority in 2019 rather than setting a specific health goal, you will more than likely incorporate other aspects of healthy living, rather than attempt to just make changes around your goal. For instance, maintaining your health involves, your mind, body, spirit and social connections. If you set out to make health more of a priority in 2019, then you will be more likely to choose healthy living choices in all aspects of your life.

Set Clear Goals

For instance, you may want to lose a few pounds or give up an unhealthy habit, such as smoking cigarettes. If you set a clear goal, such as lose 20 pounds, or stop smoking by a certain date, you will have something to draw from when you are in the thick of the changes and it’s harder to make decisions. Looking back to your goals will give you a guide on decisions to make.

Take an Inventory of Obstacles in your Life that Prevent you from Making Better Health Decisions

Think about the stressors in your life, and your current ways of not being healthy. For instance, if you know that your morning routines are a bit chaotic and you never make or eat breakfast, think about ways of making your morning routine easier for you to make healthy decisions. When you realize what the obstacles are that are making it hard for you to be healthier, then you’ll be able to find specific solutions to those obstacles, such as making breakfast the night before, or setting your alarm clock back a few minutes to make some time for this.

Tell Your Network What You Are Doing

Everyone lives in community, whether it be with your family, friends, and colleagues. It’s important that you share with your social network what you are doing. Not only will you likely inspire others to be healthier, but you will have an accountability network that you can draw from or simply have in the back of your mind. Accountability means that you’ll be more likely to make the better choices when you think of the people cheering you on and watching within your social network.

Get Motivated and Make Jumps

As you are gradually incorporating healthier decisions into your life, you’ll experience some sluggish days when you need some rewards and motivation to keep you going. Think of your goals. Get with your network and ask for encouragement. Do not be afraid to say that you are feeling frustrated in this process. Other days, you’ll experience a feeling of being highly motivated. On those days, choose to make huge jumps in your health by utilizing the energy you feel on them to make larger changes. For instance, on days you wake up motivated and need an activity, begin organizing something that will help you in your healthy changes, or cleaning something that will keep you in you in the spirit of prioritizing your health.

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