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Don’t know your problem? Take your best guess and our SmartDocAI will guide you.

SmartDocMD should not be confused with My Doctor Online. Commonly referred to as My Doctor Online; it is the website of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group. The My Doctor Online website provides members of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, the largest medical group in the United States, based out of Oakland in Northern California, with access to their health related information and services that Kaiser Permanente offers. We are unsure of what type of online doctors and related services My Doctor Online offers, so we will not speak to that. We do know that many opportunities to get online medical help are just offering more of the same. We strive to be the difference in online doctor consultations and telemedicine.

Many other online doctor solutions offer the same type of healthcare online that they offer in the office. Doctor on Demand is a hugely popular service. While the services that these websites offer are robust and they employ large amounts of doctors from each state, they seemingly are offering the same style of healthcare that traditional medicine offers with in-office visits. Patients spend their time filling out mountains of paperwork for both the doctor and their insurance company, and they may be asked to pay for a subscription (annual or monthly) before they are able to wait to be connected with a doctor. You read that right. You might be asked to pay for a subscription only find that after you’ve paid, you’ll be asked to wait to be connected to the online doctor that you thought you’d be connected with right away or for a one-time fee.

SmartDocMD offers healthcare on your terms. We want to place the power back in our patient’s hands. For minor illnesses such as upper respiratory infections, the common cold, sinus infections, pink eye, urinary tract infections, and yeast infections we offer a quick, easy way to be seen by an online doctor that can diagnose your illness, recommend treatment options, offer prescriptions from online doctor, and a doctor’s note for school or work.

Start your care now. If you are experiencing symptoms of a sinus infection, or some other illness, we can provide relief quickly. Getting sick should not break the bank and cause additional stress and frustration. Find out how different SmartDocMD really is.

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