Migraine Sinus

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sinus infection and neti pot

If you have a sinus infection or have recently experienced stuffiness that you think may have been from a common cold, and you experience a headache, you may be experiencing a headache with symptoms from a sinus infection, or acute rhinosinusitis. Some people refer to these headaches provoked by infected sinuses as migraines, or sinus headaches and that is incorrect.

The American Migraine Foundation relates that what some are calling a sinus headache may truly be a migraine with sinus symptoms involved. Oftentimes, patients misdiagnose themselves with a sinus infection / sinus headache when they may have experienced a migraine. In fact, studies have shown that a large percentage of patients that believe that they are experiencing a sinus infection related headache are truly experiencing a migraine.

These symptoms are associated with migraines: nausea, sensitivity to light or noise, moderate to severe headache, pulsating throbbing pain, and a headache that gets worse when you begin to get active. You can experience sinus symptoms with a migraine. Common symptoms that mimic a sinus infection when having a migraine are water eyes, and nasal congestion.

If you are self-diagnosing yourself, please ensure that you have seen a general practice doctor that can properly assess what is happening when you experience “sinus headaches”. If you have pus like nasal discharge that is yellow or green, difficulty breathing from your nose, and a fever, you likely have a sinus infection.

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