Get a Doctor’s Note Online

Don’t know your problem? Take your best guess and our SmartDocAI will guide you.

Get a Doctor’s Note Online easily using our service. Simply begin your treatment by using the Start your Treatment links provided. You’ll be taken to a quick questionnaire, where you’ll answer a few questions that will help us get to the bottom of what is ailing you. From there, you’ll receive free online doctor treatment options, including ways to see a doctor online using our service. If you choose to see of our virtual doctor’s, you’ll be connected with a doctor that can diagnose your illness and provide you with a doctor’s note online that you can print out or email to your employer.

Many companies require that their employees provide them with a doctor’s note if they have been out without prior arrangements. If you have certain types of illnesses, you should not be around others at work. We can send you a note that will allow you to go back to work at the right time, once you are no longer contagious and you’ve covered.

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    Choose from one of 5 different types of basic medical problems

  • Online Patient Interview (OPI)
    Just like at the office, but without the wait

    Our SmartDocAI will guide you through an online patient interview (OPI) where you will tell us what is wrong and provide a medical history

  • Health Information & Triage
    Personalized to your problem and FREE

    Individual health screening and triage based on your OPI.

    SmartDocAI will offer guidelines specific to your problem, suggestions for finding treatment, and alert you to more serious conditions, all for FREE

  • SmartDocMD on Demand
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    Want to do something with the info? $30 - Skip the waiting room, save yourself time and money.

    Our US board certified doctors are available to take your OPI and create a personalized care plan right now, including prescriptions as necessary

  • Care for Others
    Your care will help someone in need

    We partner with free health clinics to help offer services and medications.

    For every visit, we donate to providing health care to communities in need. Want to contribute directly? See a list of our partners here

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What geographic areas do you cover?

Our SmartDocMD physicians currently offer diagnosis and treatment to anyone in the states of California, Florida, Montana, New York, and Washington. Our offices are based in the Bay Area but our service is available throughout the state. We are planning on expanding to other states, so check back for updates.

There are many options and sites that offer ways to get a doctor’s note online, however we are a service that provides a true note from a medical doctor. Other services make you pay to use a template that you create yourself. If your employer will accept a note from you, that’s great, however many companies require that their employees provide them with a true note from a medical doctor that explains and covers the period of time that you need to be excused from work.

We treat all types of non-emergency common illnesses including a cold, a cough, sinus infection symptoms, upper respiratory infection, urinary tract infections, pink eye infections, and yeast infections. Start your care now and see one of our virtual doctors.

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