Free Online Medical Diagnosis

Don’t know your problem? Take your best guess and our SmartDocAI will guide you.

Tired of waiting on the doctor to return out of the black hole of infinity that exists beyond the waiting room doors? As you toil and trudge, do you find yourself staring at the piles of out of date entertainment weekly’s? Do you knock your arm against the wooden arm rest only to wonder why it’s there in the first place, as last year’s radio hits hiss treble from the ceiling speakers?

We’ve got a way for you to get past all the headache and heartache and get treatment from the comfort of your own home or local library. The idea of a doctor’s visit has always been something of a headache. Whether it’s anxiety of learning what the doctor has to say about the ailment that you’ve been neglecting, or simply boredom in the waiting room the doctor’s office could use some improving.

free online medical diagnosisYou’ll find exactly what you need with SmartDocMD. Tired of searching for a doctor worth your time in your area? We understand? Are you sifting through the many online doctor service options and still feeling a little bogged down? We can help with online doctor service.

Now you can receive a free online medical diagnosis before you decide you need to receive one on one professional care. If you do, you start the next step of the process with a simple $30-dollar payment. For 30 dollars, you can skip the waiting room, and provide prescriptions if necessary.

After your visit we will provide a donation to a free health clinic to improve their services or simply allow them to help people another day. If you would like to contribute directly you can see our list of partners here.

Be a part of the online network that is changing the world, right here in California in the Bay Area. We’ll change the world and provide convenient quality health care to the people who need it.

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