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Don’t know your problem? Take your best guess and our SmartDocAI will guide you.

free online doctor
SmartDocMD, free online doctor consultation finder offers helpful advice on your condition that’s keeping you from feeling 100% healthy. Whether it be a sinus infection, or a cold that has you feeling down, or perhaps bronchitis, we can help you figure out what’s going on. If you’d like to skip the waiting room for free and receive helpful information on how to receive treatment after pinpointing what’s ailing you, you’ve came to the right free online doctor resource. You can begin right here, even if you are unsure of what is causing your symptoms.

You can pay NO fee. We strive to provide you with online personalized doctors and healthcare the way that you want it. On your terms. Our free online doctor portal will let you opt out of the waiting room and if your condition requires a prescription for treatment, you can choose and get connected with a U.S. based, board-certified online physician. Other large-scale competitor online doctor finders offer monthly subscriptions for this type of medical advice, that we offer for free. The typical response time is within minutes. You can choose to be notified by phone or email when your online doctor diagnosis is ready.

You might think that this is gimmick and that you will not receive anything for free – after all, sometimes what sounds too good to be true, usually is, however this is not the case with the level of Free Online Doctor medical help that we offer. You will not receive information that has been pulled from sources online such as WebMD or the Mayo Clinic website. What you will receive is medical advice from board certified physicians that practice online. These doctors go through a rigorous application process. They must have passed all portions of the United States Medical Licensing Exams (USMLEs) along with having a valid prescribing DEA license.  We make sure to work with doctors that are connected to their field; that are passionate about providing healthcare in a different way; on the patient’s terms. The online patient questionnaire (OPQ) utilizes symptom and questionnaires based on official medical society care guidelines. Our partners’ doctors follow these evidence-based guidelines because it results in better, safer, more effective care for you. If needed, these doctors can also provide a note for excuse from work/school.

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