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Most sinus infections clear up with plenty of hydration, rest, and over-the-counter medications.

Virtual doctor visits have now made it easier and faster to speak to a doctor and get your concerns heard and questions answered. You can find out valuable information that will help you improve your health in minutes when you use an online doctor for a common problem. Adults that have a cold, or sinus infection, or some other common problem such as eye allergies can easily get treatment by speaking with a virtual doctor. These visits tend to be more efficient, private and less trouble for patients and doctors.

Doctors visit online appointments can be made with referrals from SmartDocMD anytime, from the comfort of your home. You won’t ever have to get in the car and drive and sit and wait in a waiting area, and then subsequently sit in a patient room for over an hour waiting on the doctor to arrive for these types of common infections and problems. It was not that long ago that patients only had the option to drive and sit and wait, and then wait some more anytime they had a basic cold or urinary tract infection. This type of corralling of infected patients led to the spread of viruses and common illnesses. The waiting area of a doctor’s office, no matter how frequent and thoroughly it is cleaned is almost always a breeding ground for these types of germs. Inside Edition recently did a news story on just how dirty a doctor’s office could be. Items such as magazines and books cannot be cleaned thoroughly of germs as paper will pick up a tiny viral droplet quite easily. The feature story found through taking test swabs of a doctor’s office that Staphylococcus aureus, the bacterium that causes staph skin infections and pneumonia, was found in about half of the doctor’s offices they chose to investigate. Many of these offices were cleaning the waiting area up to 10 times a day and yet still, these germs were thriving there.

What types of things can you see a doctor online for?

Smart Doc MD is an online doctor finding service that triages your common issues. If you have a head cold that just won’t go away, get an online doctor appointment. If you are having issues with breathing and feel as though you might have a sinus infection, we’d love to help you. If you have swelling around your eyes and they hurt, we can get you seen for an eye allergy, or pink eye infection. We also check on urinary tract issues such as pain and burning when you urinate. Currently, we can help patients experiencing symptoms related to the common cold, sinus infections, upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, eye allergies, pink eye infections, and yeast infections.


Are Dangerous Germs Lurking in Your Doctor’s Office? Investigation Puts Waiting Rooms to the Test. Inside Edition Investigative Report link:

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