Doctors Near Me California

Don’t know your problem? Take your best guess and our SmartDocAI will guide you.

SmartDocMD partners with doctors near me California to provide online doctor visits at a fraction of the cost that you would pay to an urgent care, primary care doctor’s office, and others. SmartDocMD started as an idea between one patient and one doctor: offer convenient, quality health care for basic problems without the waiting room. We are adding new online doctor sites and locations. Currently, you can get quality personalized healthcare in all 50 states including California online through our easy to use online doctor finder visits appointment system.

First, let the SmartDocAI guide you through the personalized health screening, online patient interview (OPI). You’ll fill in details so that our SmartDocMD virtual doctors partner can easily understand what is wrong, and your medical history.

You’ll receive a FREE doctor consultation, individual health screening and triage based on your online patient interview. We will offer information on your problem and suggest ways of finding treatment. If you want to do something with the free personalized health screening information you are provided, then you can speak to a doctor online California, for a small fee. Save yourself time and money, and receive treatment options, and if needed, prescriptions for antibiotics and other medicines used to treat your illness.

Currently, we can see patients that have a sinus infection, cold or persistent cough that will not go away, urinary tract infections, pink eye or other eye allergies, and yeast infections or common vaginal ailments with ease via our online doctors.

We believe that primary care for the sick, or urgent care, should be easier to receive than it currently is. As patient’s we spend so much time waiting on quality healthcare for common illnesses like colds or sinus infections. We spend time in the car, waiting to arrive, typically driving or being driven. Once at the doctor’s office or urgent care facility we spend time waiting in a sitting area awaiting to be taken to the patient examination room. Once in the patient exam room you are almost always going to have to wait another period of time to actually be seen by a doctor that can help you. Most times, you are first seen by an assistant, or nurse who will gather some data on your problem, take some readings (blood pressure, weight, etc.) and THEN you’ll be seen by a doctor for the issue you came to the facility for.

After being seen by the doctor, typically you are sent away with a treatment plan, or prescriptions for medications that will treat your illness. If you choose to have the prescription sent to a pharmacy, you almost always inevitably must wait on your prescription to be filled. SmartDocMD wants to change all of this. Get relief NOW with helpful treatment options via your online doctor visit, and if you have your prescription mailed to you, you may not even need to leave your home. We offer quality, licensed physicians if you are looking for Doctors Near Me California.

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