Doctor’s Excuse

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doctor's note A doctor’s excuse can excuse you from obligations at work, or school when you have an injury or are sick or contagious. It is always issued by a medical doctor to a patient and describes the length of time that they need to be excused from any obligations of activity. When you need a doctor’s excuse for missing work, SmartDocMD can help you find a good option, if you are based in any U.S. state including California. It verifies the necessity of a doctor’s visit, recommends to your employer that you be absent from your work responsibilities for a length of time and mentions any special considerations that might need to be met should you choose to return.

Many companies require that you have a doctor’s excuse if you miss days of work that you have not already requested off. The human resources department at many companies keep these types of documents on file. If you ever have a doubt about missing work and the need for a doctor’s excuse you should go ahead and request one from the doctor that is treating, you. This type of document helps to ensure that you receive all the benefits offered to you under the FMLA – Family and Medical Leave Act. Another piece of legislation, HIPPA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act prevents your doctor from disclosing the specifics of your unique medical issue or illness within the doctor’s excuse document.

When you see one of our online doctor sites for an illness, you can request a proper doctor’s excuse that you can then print and provide to your employer. First, start your evaluation by clicking here and filling out the OPI – Online Patient Interview. After you’ve submitted the OPI, you’ll receive free online doctor visit recommendations and ways of being treated. If you choose to speak to a doctor online about your symptoms, you’ll be connected with one of the doctors at SmartDocMD partner sites for a low price for the entire visit.

We strive to offer the most convenient way to receive medical treatment for common illnesses. We triage everything from the common cold virus symptoms, upper respiratory infections, sinus infections, pink eye / conjunctivitis and other eye allergies, urinary tract infections, and yeast infections. Looking for allergy testing? Checkout Wyndly.

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