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The online employment search and resume builder website, released data in November of 2017 that revealed,

40 % of workers have called in sick in the last 12 months when they were not, compared to 35 % the year before, and 38% the year before that.

Instead of heading to an urgent care or trying to fit yourself in to your primary care doctor’s busy schedule for the day, use our virtual doctors to get a diagnosis and treatment plan when you are sick.

Virtual medicine is the most convenient way to speak to a doctor when you are sick, and get an online doctors note that will take care of your obligations while you are sick.

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got the medical answers you are looking for regarding common non-emergency type illnesses and conditions that we see on a routine basis in urgent cares across the country. We treat sinus infection illnesses, the common cold, persistent coughing, sore throat symptoms, urinary tract infections, pink eye infections, and yeast infections online. When you see an online doctor through SmartDocMD you’ll be connected with someone that is a United States Board Certified Physician that can provide you with a specific diagnosis and offer you a treatment plan.

In addition to providing better, safer and more effective treatment options through convenient online doctors, our services also provide clients with online doctors note options that free them from their obligations and responsibilities while they are contagious or sick.

Need to speak to a doctor?

It’s easy. Simply click and fill out our online patient interview. It’s a questionnaire that asks you to tell us a bit about your symptoms and medical history. From there, you will be provided with a diagnosis and treatment plan detailing ways to treat your symptoms over the counter. You can then decide if you would like to speak to a doctor online and pay just $30 to get an online doctor appointment via SmartDocMD. We do not make you sign up for an online doctor service subscription. We do not charge you exorbitant fees to see the doctor online, and do not advise you to seek unnecessary treatments. You can connect with our doctors, and receive an online doctors note after your visit with the doctor.

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