Contagious Sinus Infection?

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sinus infection in eyeThere’re some common misconceptions about sinus infections and whether patients experiencing sinus infections can go to work and carry on their daily activities if they come in contact with the public. Many argue that sinus infections are not contagious and patient’s suffering from sinus infection symptoms are thought to not be contagious, however whether a sinus infection is contagious or not depends on the CAUSE of the infection.

If the infection is caused by a virus, your sinus infection could possibly be spread to others. For instance, the common cold can sometimes develop into an infection in the sinus cavity and cause a myriad of sinus infection symptoms including sinus infection watery eyes / pink eye, and localized headache.

If your sinus infection is caused by a bacterial infection, then your sinus infection is not contagious.

Contagious sinus infections usually are caused by the common cold virus or flu, causing fluid and/or mucous to get trapped in your sinuses. Once there, the trapped fluids just hang out, and become inundated with germs. Those germs combined with mucous lead to a contagious sinus infection. Think you might just have allergies and need testing? Checkout Wyndly.

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