Clogged Ear Sinus Infection

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How to Manage Clogged Ear Sinus Infection Symptoms

clogged ear sinus infection
If a clogged ear sinus infection is causing you pain, skip the waiting room and use SmartDocMD. Providing affordable, convenient medical care online.

Did you know that sinus infections can cause a variety of ear issues? When suffering from a sinus infection, symptoms can feel like they’re occurring all around your head. There is truth behind the feeling, as your sinus cavities stretch across the face. SmartDocMD is able to provide referrals to partner online doctor sites who have recommendations and treatment for ear nose and throat sinus infection symptoms.

If you are suffering from the stuffiness ear infections or sinus infections can cause, contact SmartDocMD. Any condition that affects the sinuses can lead to ear congestion, which will put pressure in various parts of the ear. Don’t suffer from ear pain from a sinus infection. Start your care with SmartDocMD.

How Sinus Infections Affect the Ear

The relation between sinusitis and ear congestion usually centers around the Eustachian tube, which is a small canal that runs between your nose and middle ear. This tube is responsible for regulating pressure in the middle ear. Whenever the Eustachian tube is not functioning properly, your ear will feel clogged.

How to Treat Clogged Ear Symptoms

If you are wondering how to treat clogged ear symptoms and are having sinusitis symptoms, SmartDocMD can help. To properly treat ear pain or clogged ears, the underlying cause must be identified. Please let your doctor approve these treatments before attempting them yourself. Not all symptoms are effectively treated by the same home remedies and may have an adverse side effect for certain people.

Over the counter pain medication can be used to treat headache caused by clogged ear and sinusitis symptoms. Be sure to blow your nose gently so as not to add more pressure to your head. A humidifier can help relieve the dryness of irritated sinuses and relieve the side effect of pain that comes from this.

Many people experience clogged ears when traveling. Flying in airplanes can cause a rapid change in air pressure, which affects your ear pressure. If you are recovering from a sinus infection and your doctor has approved flying, there are steps that you can take to relieve pressure discomfort. Chewing gum or hard candy is a common method, or swallowing regularly.

If your online doctor suspects that the pressure in your ear is caused by fluid buildup as a result of sinusitis, they may recommend over the counter ear drops that contain alcohol to dry the ear canal. It is also recommended to lie on your side with the congested ear facing downward.

SmartDocMD will provide a health assessment and refer you to partner sites that can give you recommendations for symptom management of your sinus infection. Don’t let ear pain throw a kink in your life. Take a step towards healing and let SmartDocMD check out your sinusitis and ear-related problems.

Other Causes of Clogged Ears

Not all clogged ears are the result of sinus infections. SmartDocMD will alert you as to whether you should have your symptoms examined in person at a doctor’s office. Ear issues should always be seen by a doctor if symptoms persist for a period of time or become worse, as hearing loss or other negative side effects may occur.

Other common causes of ear congestion are a middle or external ear infection, allergies, wax buildup, fluid buildup, or ear canal blockage by a foreign object. SmartDocMD will inform you if it is recommended that you see a doctor in person to treat these causes of ear congestion.

Less common causes of ear infections are fungal infections of the external ear, afflictions of the jaw joints, and ear growths, such as cholesteatoma or acoustic neuroma. SmartDocMD will alert you of more serious health conditions that require an in-person medical evaluation.

The Various Symptoms of Sinusitis

clogged ear sinus infection
Clogged ear sinus infection symptoms can cause other pain. SmartDocMD will find a solution.

Symptoms of sinusitis can be painful enough to keep you at home. This is why telemedicine is beneficial when you need to get back to work fast. SmartDocAl will evaluate your online patient interview and make recommendations for symptom treatment.

We will alert you if we believe that your sinusitis needs antibiotics to treat. Most sinus infections do not require antibiotics and can be treated with home remedies. For example, a sore throat can be effectively treated by gargling warm salt water. Nasal sprays may be prescribed for sinus infections or purchased over the counter. Common colds can also be soothed with treatments similar to sinus infections.

While symptoms vary from person to person, common symptoms of sinusitis can include postnasal drip, discolored nasal discharge, fatigue, bad breath, fever. Other things include nasal stuffiness or congestion, frontal headaches, pain in the teeth, and tenderness of the face.

How SmartDocMD Works

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