Clicking Sound in Nose

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Are you experiencing a clicking sound in your nose?

clicking sound in noseHaving a popping or clicking noise in your nose, jaw, or cheek area can sometimes signal that you have allergies. Wyndly can help you get tested and get treated WITHOUT shots. Click here to get started.

If you don’t have allergies it could also be an infection in your sinuses. It is one of a several peculiar sinus infection symptom clusters that patients can experience such as pain in your face, watery eyes, or similar sinus infection pink eye symptoms.

Sinus symptoms

Other symptoms that you may or may not have: sinus pressure, post nasal drip, nasal congestion. Having a clicking sound in nose or facial areas usually just means that you have some fluid built up that is moving around when you move the muscles of your face or jaw. Nasal congestion can make it difficult to breathe through the nose. When you attempt to breath you move air and fluid around in those cavities. This fluid can be thick or thin and create a noise as it is moving around.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Want to get checked out? If you want to get tested for allergies, Wyndly can get you setup with a testing kit. If it is something else SmartDocMD can help.  Our online referral network of doctors are equipped to diagnose, treat, prescribe medicines, if necessary, and provide a doctors excuse if it is determined that you need to miss work or school obligations. Start your sinus infection treatment online here. We refer you to other website’s online doctors  who are ready to help! they can treat you if you are in any of 50 states including California, Florida, Montana, New York, or Washington.

To understand the clicking sound in nose symptoms that you might have, you should first think of the anatomy of your sinus cavities. Your sinuses are just hollowed spaces located in a few positions in your skull. Any pocket of hollowed space can be inhabited by fluid and air. When fluid and air come together in a small space, there’s usually some noise. Don’t be alarmed at the clicking sound in nose. If it’s a sinus infection we can help you figure that out. Start your free online interview here.

Learn more about other sinus infection symptoms and choose to let our partner online doctors treat you.

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