What Can Online Doctors Treat

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What Can Online Doctors Treat

When it comes to streamlining health care, SmartDocMD is a leading provider of quality, comprehensive and convenient online treatment for a variety of illnesses. Through online patient interviews, our board certified doctors can provide you with your likely diagnosis. They can also offer absence notes and even prescriptions when necessary. But what can online doctors treat? Read below to see what our doctors can help you with.

What Can Online Doctors Treat

As a rule of thumb, online doctors can treat a variety of basic and acute medical issues. From common colds and sinus infections to pink eye and UTIs, our doctors provide care to non-life threatening conditions. When beginning your online visit, you’re asked to choose from one of five of the most common medical issues.

Sinus Infection

Our online doctors are well versed in diagnosing and treating a variety of sinus infections. During your free online patient interview, you’re asked to check boxes next to the most common side effects. This includes facial pressure, headache, pain around eyes, nasal congestion and more. Our interview will also ask how long these symptoms have been present, as well as how many times per year you suffer from these symptoms. And if they appear to be worsening or getting better.


When it comes to what can online doctors treat, most of them are capable of diagnosing and treating forms of coughs and colds. Most often, these illnesses present with facial pain, sore throat, fever, nasal stuffiness and body aches. By filling out the online patient interview, our doctors are best able to pinpoint the likelihood of your cold’s severity, and can suggest some over-the-counter medication that can best treat your illness absolutely free!

Urinary Tract Infection

Online SmartDocMD doctors can also treat urinary tract infections through our web portal. First, we’ll need to establish your gender and age before presenting a list of the most common symptoms. Whether you’re experiencing burning pain, uncontrollable shaking chills or lower back pain, our doctors will be able to provide you with comprehensive care regarding the severity of your infection. For just $30, they will even be able to present you with a personalized care plan and prescription if necessary.

Pink Eye/ Allergies

If you think you may have pink eye or other eye allergies, our online doctors can treat you as well! Prior to indicating your symptoms on our online patient interview, we’ll ask if you have experienced any conditions or situations that could rule out other illnesses. This includes previous trauma, exposure of your eyes to chemicals, a history of Herpes Simplex Virus or if your eye symptoms have been present for longer than a month. These conditions will all be taken into account prior to diagnosis.

Yeast Infection/Vaginal Problems

If you’re wondering what else can online doctors treat, we also offer services in yeast infection diagnosis and treatment. Whether you’re experiencing pelvic pain and nausea or increased urinary urge, our doctors can provide you with the care and prescriptions needed to relieve your pain.

What can online doctors treat? More than you may think. At SmartDocMD, we’re committed to providing medical care to those who need it, when they need it. Skip the waiting rooms and receive prompt, quality care for a number of common illnesses at SmartDocMD. Click here to get started!

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