Can I See a Doctor Online?

Don’t know your problem? Take your best guess and our SmartDocAI will guide you.

If you are sick at home and wondering, “Can I see a doctor online?”, the answer is Yes! You most certainly do not have to sit and suffer through while trying to figure out an appointment with an in-office doctor near you. We make seeing an online doctor easy. All you need is a connection to the Internet and a teeny bit of your time. You simply fill out our online patient interview that will help us determine what could be ailing you. From there, you’ll receive a referral to a trusted online health website. They will provide a personalized health plan for treatment based on your symptoms. This is all free. Part of your treatment options will include a way to speak to a doctor online about what symptoms are happening for you. If you choose to go through with an online doctor appointment, you’ll be connected with a doctor that has a valid medical license and DEA prescribing license for a low cost.

You can remain in your comfy clothes, bundled up on your couch and see a doctor and great treatment within minutes. Start your care now. Smart Doc MD takes online medicine to a new level by affordably offering California and all 50 state residents with a way to speak to a doctor online.

online doctor cheapWhat can you see a doctor online for?

SmartDOCMD can get you connected to treat common non-emergency illnesses such as the common cold virus, coughing, stuffiness, sinus infections, eye allergies, conjunctivitis, urinary tract infections, and yeast infections. We do not triage mental illnesses and other more complex illnesses. We could love to be your online doctor search site for urgent care illness needs. You can stop going to a walk in urgent care clinic and connect with online doctors in just a few minutes. Potential patients seeking to use our web site do not have to have insurance of any kind, and can use our online doctor finding service without a monthly or annual subscription. This sets us apart from our competitors that may make you sign up for a subscription or insist that you be a part of some insurance network that only their providers can see patients within. We seek to make healthcare online affordable and easily accessible to all. We do not triage patients under the age of 18.

The Common Cold

Learn more about the common cold and the different types of viruses that typically cause the cold symptoms that you might be having. You shouldn’t let a cold go on for too long before seeing a doctor. You don’t want your cold to turn into something more serious. If you have a fever, headache, runny nose, and cough, we can treat you. Sore throat? Don’t suffer, let our SmartDocAI give you an idea of what you have.

Coughing, Headache, and Runny Nose

If you have a persistent cough, combined with headache and runny nose symptoms you probably have a virus that causes the common cold. We can offer different online doctor sites that can get you treatments and provide acute medical care for your cold. Instead of driving to a clinic or waiting days to see your doctor, get treated today by using our online triage and doctor finding service. Cold symptoms that last more than a week to ten days should be seen by an online doctor.

Sinus Infections

You may think you have a cold, and truly have a sinus infection, or vice versa. Doctors are equipped to determine if you have a sinus infection, or a true bug. Speak to a doctor online about the symptoms that you are having. Sinus infections tend to linger if they are not treated properly.

Eye Allergies

Ouch! Eye allergies and infections can be so painful. If you have redness, swelling, and itching, you can speak to one of our online doctors about this and receive quick treatment. There are many medicines that can be prescribed to treat the inflammation and other symptoms that you are going through. Don’t suffer through one of the most painful allergies that you can get. If you have watery eyes combined with other symptoms you might have a cold, or a sinus infection. We can determine the cause and offer treatment. If you need to get tested checkout Wyndly.

Pink Eye Infections

Pink eye causes redness and swelling in the lining around the eyelid. These types of infections are extremely contagious. If you get an infection in one eye, you may get the same infection in your other eye. If you have children then you know exactly how contagious these types of infections in the eye can be. This type of illness is great to speak to a doctor online about because you cut down on the spread of the infection by staying home and getting treatment via an online doctor.

Urinary Tract Infections

Painful, burn sensation during urination is usually caused by a urinary tract infection. These infections can be very painful and cause frequently urination or the feeling that you need to urinate every few minutes even after you’ve emptied your bladder. These infections can create issues for people that desire to be seen by a doctor. You almost cannot stand the ride to the doctor’s office or clinic because of the feeling that you need to pee again. When you do pee, it can be excruciating. Don’t suffer, speak to a doctor online about your urinary tract infection symptoms.

Yeast Infections

Yeast infections bring about a distinct set of symptoms that are hard to misdiagnose. Because of this we are able to see patients that may have a yeast infection. Learn more about yeast infections and their cause, treatment and other details of yeast infections by clicking around on our site. If you believe that you might have a yeast infection, don’t try and treat your infection with over the counter medicines that are not designed to completely eradicate the cause.

Other Common Vaginal Infections

Much like yeast infections, vaginal infections can be quite problematic. When you have an itch, odor, or discharge that seems off you should always see a doctor. You do not always have to go into the office though to receive a vaginal exam. We can discuss your symptoms, the onset, and get to the bottom of what is causing your infection down there without a vaginal exam in some cases. Certain infections like, bacterial vaginosis, a common overgrowth of natural bacteria that lives in the vagina, have very distinct symptoms that we can discuss online without looking further. If you are wondering, “Can I see a doctor online?” about a fishy smell down there, the answer is yes!

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